Moisture is harboring bacteria that are growing in number and just waiting for the opportunity to harm in any agricultural production spot. This battle goes on every day affecting health and resulting in lost production, lost profits and higher health cure and prevention costs.

DutriDry contains a fair portion of natural silicates to absorb moisture and contains special captured slow release chlorine dioxide molecules inside the silicate structure – the same broad spectrum germicide found in Dutrion. An unique weapon to keep farm results, health and food safety at high standards.

This offers operators a sustainable and friendly weapon to reduce problems related to wet litter, poor bedding or wet surfaces. It can be used in many ways as a single top dressing till a blend with other drying agents.

In Poultry Barns

Litter conditioner in poultry houses (broiler, layer, turkey, etc.)

– Litter treatment in broiler barns 3-5 grams per m2.
– 1 pail of 7kg for 1800-2000 m2.

– Mix 1-50 to any moisture absorbing.
– Apply to wet spots 25-50 gram per m2.

In Dairy Barns

Prevent damage of dangerous bacteria.

– Special formula for newborn piglets.
– One scoop (50-100 gr.) per farrowing crate.

In Piglet Nests & Piglet Pens

Expel dangerous germs + Extra skin care.

– Mix 1:50 to moisture absorbing powders used for dairy stalls & calve hutches.
– Apply 20-25 gram per m2.

Ask our local country dealers for shipment, product costs and product application.
Use DutriDry only according to local registered label claims.