DutriPlant adopts advanced compound technology, which composite high concentration of nutritious magnesium and boron combined with environment-friendly and powerful sanitizer. It dissolves in cold water quickly, non-toxic and non-polluting. DutriPlant offers extra-nutrition and hygiene which contributes to general disease prevention and crop performance. Apply as fine mist on leaves of various crops, grains, fruit, trees, wine yards, flowers and vegetables in greenhouses, nurseries, wine yards, plantations, golf courts and croplands.

Functions of the ingredients
  • Raise water binding capacity in plants; good for crops against drought, coldness and heat.

  • Better formation and stability of chlorophyll us. Prevent deficiency of magnesium and boron which could eaves turn yellow and white or lack of fruit yield.

  • Restrain harmful phenols in fruit and prevent top-sprout, shoot rotting and heart rotting. Prevent botrytis, rot, anthracnose, white rot, and plant damage caused by harmful organism.

  • As repellent for injurious insects on crops (Saponin with sustained release of chlorine dioxide).
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Application areas

DutriPlant has been applied to many:

  • Crops
  • Mushrooms
  • Cotton
  • Rice
  • Grain (wheat, barley, etc).
  • Corn
  • Rape, Canola, Mustard
  • Peanuts
  • Vegetables in greenhouse
  • Field crop vegetables
  • Cut flowers and pot flowers
  • Grass lawns
  • Golf courts, soccer fields

Prepare a concentrate of DutriPlant using 3-component kit and lukewarm water into a sprayer device. After dilution spray both sides of the leaves. Apply DutriPlant as fine mist. Adjust dosage according local legal requirements, the weather conditions and type of vegetation. A standard dosing advice is 45 L of diluted DutriPlant solution per 1000 m2 (weekly or bi- weekly).

  • Kit for preparation of 20L DutriPlant spray ( A+B+C = 42 gram ).
  • Kit for preparation of 100L DutriPlant spray ( A+B+C = 212 gram ).
  • All other formats on request.

Use DutriPlant only according to local registered label claims.