Dutrion can be used in turkey, broiler, layer, and breeder facilities to help optimizing production results. Water is an essential nutrient which is involved in all basic physiological functions of the body. However, it is important to note that water, relative to other nutrients, is consumed in considerably larger quantities. Poor water quality and availability may have significant impacts on an animal’s production and health. In the situation where water for livestock contains contaminants, water treatment should be recommended.

Quality drinking water should be the same for humans and animals.

It should have:

  • No organic contamination.
  • Few suspended solids.
  • Low iron and manganese compounds.
  • No disinfection by-products.
  • No negative effect to animals and food chain.
Some of the benefits of chlorine dioxide properties for animal drink water systems.
  • Fast and broad active disinfectant for drinking water systems.
  • Effective over wide pH range (4-10).
  • Less corrosive than chlorine.
  • Already effective at low dosing rates.
  • A powerful oxidizer in water.
  • Removes biofilm in water lines.
  • No formation of chlorinating by-products.
Some of the benefits of using Dutrion chlorine dioxide.
  • Available in Tablets and powders.
  • Very simple to handle and dose.
  • Different dosing systems available.
  • Effective and affordable.
  • Based on simplicity.
  • Safe to use.
Applications where to use Dutrion chlorine dioxide.
  • Water disinfection.
  • Biofilm removal.
  • CIP cleaning.
  • Air inlet disinfection (wet walls).
  • Fogging / spraying.
  • Line flushing.
  • Hatcheries.
  • Grain and feed treatment.
  • General washing & hygiene.