Commercial Fish Industry

Dutrion chlorine dioxide products are applicable in several sections of the fish industry.

Fish Farms

Chlorine dioxide is very effective at low concentration in ponds and fish production basins. It is a very selective oxidant and reacts mainly with organic substances. The major advantage of chlorine dioxide in comparison with other oxidants (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine) is its low oxidation power combined with a high oxidation capacity. At a concentration of about 0.04 mg/l, the bacterial pressure is greatly reduced without having a negative effect on the biology and aquaculture in the water. From a concentration of 0.1 mg/l, the ammonia and nitrite levels should be measured regularly. At higher concentrations (from 0.2 mg/l to 0.5 mg/l), chlorine dioxide is capable of significantly reducing and/or solving bacterial problems in fish. The functioning of the biological filter may be (significantly) reduced at these concentrations.


Dutrion chlorine dioxide can be used in the production of water and ice that is intended for processing of any raw fish. When treated ice is used for packing fish or glazing, it can slowly release chlorine dioxide onto the surface of fish as the ice melts. Consequently, this helps prevent spoilage and odors during processing and transport.

Fish Markets

Chlorine dioxide maintains the microbial quality of water even in the presence of high organic loading. It has a positive impact on the quality maintenance and shelf life of products. Using ice treated with chlorine dioxide helps prevent spoilage and odors of fish in shops, at markets and in households.

Use the Dutrion products only according to local registered label claims.