In the food production process, food can be exposed to microbiologically contaminated surroundings, such as contaminated surfaces and the air. If the food is contaminated, safety issues arise. This can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the areas in food factories in which food is produced.

For all types of disinfection applications where chlorine dioxide chemistry is preferred the effervescent Dutrion Tablet is one of the best options. In a very short time the tablet generates an on-site high-purity chlorine dioxide working solution between 0.1-1000 ppm. For example at a strength of 100 ppm one 20 gram Tablet generates 20L of disinfection working solution to apply with any common device. Dutrion manufactures a wide variety of packaging solutions for the Dutrion Tablet.

Dutrion chlorine dioxide products can be used in fogs or mists to help clean and disinfect the areas in which disinfection is required.

Use the Dutrion products only according to local registered label claims.