Outdoor Nurseries

In horticultural operations such as outdoor nurseries, common fertilizer injection actually serves as an accelerant to biofilm growth. Most growers are quite familiar with such presence of biofilm in their fertilizer lines. The layer of slimy growth is seen whenever a line is cut into for repair. Biofilm growth is not restricted to fertilizer lines, however, and is also common in clear water lines, although usually by a slightly less dramatic presence.
Chlorine Dioxide Outdoor Nursery

Be aware of the different chlorine dioxide products: field examples in Mexico have shown the extra benefits of Dutrion containing active chlorine dioxide molecules. At first sight, Dutrion chlorine dioxide products seem to have the same effect as generators using liquid sodium chlorites with an activator. Such acidified sodium chlorite (ASC) or stabilized chlorine dioxide are sold as pure chlorine dioxide but need another concentration to clean lines and prevent biofilm, thus differentiating them from Dutrion chlorine dioxide products. Dutrion chlorine dioxide products require lower dosing rates compared to ASC products.