Dairy Market

Dutrion chlorine dioxide products can be used in dairy, cattle, and veal facilities.

Water Quality & Intake:

  • Even with a small water problem, animals can be down in milk 10-20%
  • Dairy cows need about 4 parts water to produce 1 part of milk
  • Water temperature has a big impact on water intake (Often the return water from plate cooler is re-used)
  • Warm water easy grows bacteria. (Adding Dutrion can avoid these potential issues)
  • Bacterial contamination and high mineral concentrations will also reduce productivity (like high iron, manganese, sulphates, nitrates, etc.)

Relation of water quality to milk production (174 farms tested by Penn State.):

  • Overall, 26% of the water supplies tested had at least one test result that could cause reduced milk production (Due to organic contamination from iron, manganese chloride, etc.)
  • Average milk production for these farms was 56 pounds per cow per day
  • Average milk production for farms with good quality water was 62 pounds/cow/day
  • Farms with > 75 lbs of milk per cow = 0% water quality problems
  • Farms with < 50 lbs of milk per cow = 32% water quality problems

Field case of performance in dairy production

A test with Dutrion chlorine dioxide products was done on a dairy farm in AB Canada. This farm had 110 cows and 2 robots. The cows were tested for contagious mastitis before and after treatment with Dutrion chlorine dioxide products. All cows tested had high somatic cell counts during their monthly milk check.
In 2013 a chemical injector is installed before the robots for extra Dutrion dosing to avoid cross contamination from animal to animal. The most important results of this test are:
  • Lower somatic cell counts (Owner stated at least a drop in SCC of 50,000)
  • Overall less cases of chronicle mastitis (less cross contamination)
  • Significant lower number of cows tested positive for contagious mastitis Cleaner water troughs & bowls
  • Overall healthy herd
Use the Dutrion products only according to local registered label claims.