Swine Market

Dutrion chlorine dioxide products can be used in sows, nurseries and finishing facilities.

Beneficial effects when using Dutrion chlorine dioxide products:

  • Clean water is the lowest input cost on the farm
  • The animal will drink 2-3 times as much water as they eat feed
  • Often one point of feed conversion improvement covers the cost of Dutrion
  • Animals can only reach their genetic potential when all circumstances are perfect

Field case of performance in commercial production

A test was done on a 46,000 head of nursery pigs in Mexico, USA and Canada. This test revealed that the mortality was lower, the feed conversion dropped by multiple points, the daily gain was higher and the daily feed intake was higher for the group treated with Dutrion chlorine dioxide products compared to the control group.

Use the Dutrion products only according to local registered label claims.