Poultry Market

Dutrion chlorine dioxide products can be used in turkey, broiler, layer and breeder facilities.

US broiler breeder flock comments:

  • Cleaner belts
  • Firmer droppings
  • Improved shell quality
  • Cleaner eggs (less time loss)
  • Increased water consumption
  • 1-1.25% increase in hatching eggs / hen housed
  • Reduced daily mortality

Field case of performance in commercial production

A turkey trial study conducted in Europe indicates a lower mortality rate, a lower feed conversion, less medical costs and a lower total cost for a group of turkeys treated with Dutrion chlorine dioxide products compared to a control group of turkeys.

Use the Dutrion products only according to local registered label claims.

Oxidation to kill Micro-organisms:

A micro-organism, or microbe, is a microscopic organism, which may exist in its single-celled form or in a colony of cells. (Include bacteria, protozoans and certain algae and fungi)

When bacteria are eliminated, the cell wall is penetrated by ClO₂. Organic substances within cells and on the surface of cell membranes react with chlorine dioxide, causing cell metabolism to be disrupted. ClO₂ also reacts directly with amino acids and the RNA in the cell. This reaction is not dependent on reaction time or concentration. Unlike non-oxidizing disinfectants, ClO₂ kills microorganisms even when they are inactive. Microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to ClO₂, in practical terms however, few bacteria live alone, and they are most often found in water and on surfaces in the form of a “biofilm” which is a close association of many millions of bacteria.