Dutrion chlorine dioxide products can be used in greenhouses and nurseries

Water of good quality is an important input for good health and productive vegetation. Water disinfected with Dutrion supports a solid yield of crops. Dutrion Tablet generates a high quality of stabile chlorine dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is known to the industry for its capacity to eliminate dangerous pathogens and to remove organic matter in horticultural water systems without damage to crops and equipment.

Dutrion Tablet is an effervescent chlorine dioxide tablet that quickly dissolves into a specific volume of water. The chlorine dioxide solution is dosed to irrigation- or process water for multiple disinfection purposes.

Traditionally chlorine dioxide is made for disinfection applications by the addition of Hydrochloric acid (HCL) to sodium chlorite (5NaClO2 + 4HCl = 4ClO2 + 5NaCl + 4H+) This method requires more chlorite to produce the equivalent amount of chlorine dioxide compared to Dutrion Tablet and therefore adds extra salts to treated water which could damage crops. Dutrion Tablets generate chlorine dioxide without Hydrochloric acid.

Benefits of the Dutrion Tablet:

  • Long shelf life (up to 30 days, stored dark and cool)
  • Safe and easy to handle on small and large operations
  • Removes organic matter and prevents re-growth in water systems
  • Fast and long lasting chlorine dioxide with low salt concentrations
  • Reduces plant diseases in all water used for horticultural applications
  • Does not require large capital investments to generate chlorine dioxide
  • Non-corrosive and has no pH limitations at applied dosing concentrations
  • Effective against harm full waterborne pathogens in horticultural water

Field production

  • Reduce nuisance of algae
  • Cleaning drip irrigation systems
  • Prevent re-growth of biofilm in water dosing system


  • Cleaning (drip) irrigation systems
  • Control algae on floors, pathways, soil and crop
  • Cleaning of water sprinklers and fogging nozzles
  • Prevent re-growth of biofilm in water dosing systems
  • Increase water intake of vegetation and support clean root development

Post Harvest

  • Disinfect process water for post harvest cleaning and washing purposes
  • Prevent growth of biofilm and algae in water storage and distribution systems
  • Increase shelf life of fruits, flowers and vegetables after harvest or during transport