Dutrion Tablet 18 Count – 1-Gram

Dutrion Tablets are perfect for home and away. With its compact 1-gram tablets, you can take clean wherever you go! Bring Dutrion with for your next at home, camping, RV, off-grid, or homesteading adventure.

The Dutrion Tablet 1-gram 18 count refill is a compact powerhouse used to disinfect surfaces, rinse produce, treat water and so much more.

Each versatile 1-gram Dutrion Tablet treats up to 25 gallons (100L) of water Or 32 oz (1L) bottle of disinfectant.


Dutrion Tablet 18 count 1-gram refill is adaptability and performance at its best.
A powerful disinfectant, virucide, algaecide, fungistat, deodorizer, water treatment, and even fruit and vegetable wash, Dutrion Tablets have so many uses.

What’s in the box:
– 18 1-gram Dutrion Tablets
– Instructions for use

Benefits of Dutrion Tablet:
– No Rinse required sanitizer
– Be prepared. With a long shelf life, the 18 count 1-gram refill will be ready when you are.
– Affordable water treatment and surface disinfection for off-grid, homesteading, camping, RV, backyard chickens, their friends and more.
– Compact and eco-friendly

Also available in bulk case

Product # DIP-01S-18

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