Dutrion Tablet 120 Count – 1-Gram

Are you ready for what life throws at you? Be prepared, with Dutrion Tablets.

Each versatile 1-gram Dutrion Tablet makes 32 oz (1L) of powerful disinfectant or treats up to 25 gallons (100L) of water.

Order Dutrion Tablets now for your next at home, camping, RV, off-grid, or homesteading adventure.


Choose either one Dutrion Tablet 1-gram foil pouch with 120 tablets – or – 8 foil pouches in a Pail for a total of 960 1-gram tablets.
The 120 count pouch is jam-packed with 120 tablets! Our 1-gram foil will keep you and your operation stocked and Dutrion Tablets are packaged to weather any storm.

What’s in the foil pouch:
– 1 Foil pouch with 120x 1-gram tablets.
– Instructions for use

What’s in the Pail:
– 8 Foil pouches with 960x 1-gram tablets in total.
– Instructions for use

Benefits of Dutrion Tablet:
– No rinse required sanitizer
– Be prepared. With a long shelf life, 1-gram tablet is ready when you are.
– Affordable water treatment and surface disinfection for off-grid, homesteading, emergencies, camping, RV, backyard chickens, their friends and more.
– For disinfection, algaecide, fungistat, and deodorizer, fill Dutrion 32 oz refillable spray bottle with water and add one 1-gram tablet to the water, wait 2 minutes and it’s ready.
– Compact and eco-friendly

Also available in bulk case

Product # DIP-01S-6P

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